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've got a commander in chief who said he would end the war in iraq in a responsible way, done that, refocus on al qui, key terrorist leaders have been taken off the battlefield, a plan to end the war in afghanistan and he's worked to restore alliances around the world and you've now seen governor romney on the world stage, he's been unsteady, alienated our closest ally, he's weighed in on sensitive international situations without a full set of facts, as they develop, and if you're looking for a strong and steady commanders in chief, i think americans will side with the president of the united states. >> i wanted to also play a little bit of what mitt romney said on taxes on fox today. >> i do believe that we should have enough jobs and enough take home pay such that people have the privilege of higher incomes that allow them to be paying taxes. i think people would like to be paying taxes. >> ben, is that an effective response on the 47% comments? >> well, governor romney certainly talked before about how the fact that he personally tries to pay the lowest rate possible. look, med
that when they lose, and if they lose, they're going to be cast out. it'll be like the sunnis in iraq, who were cleaned out of every major government agency. >> over time, bashar al-assad was successful in convincing the majority of the alawites that his political survival is synonymous with their physical survival. and they have started seeing this fight in existential terms. >> it's very understandable why alawites would believe today that if they were to lose, they would lose more than the privileges that the regime has had. they would lose everything. >> narrator: the alawites' improbable rise to power in syria was set in motion by bashar's father, hafez al-assad. his path to power was through the military, which was dominated by alawites. a rising star in syria's socialist ba'ath party, at age 40, he engineered a coup to seize the presidency. >> hafez al-assad rose to power from the bottom up. he had to fight the battles that came with the coup d'états, that came with trying to corral the different forces of the country into his camp. >> he knew he had to gain support of the other mi
iraq war but approaching the 2000 number as the president tries to wind that down. one other point to note since we're having this conversation about the candidates for president, lot of those veterans who are coming home from iraq and afghanistan, here's where they live. the darker the state, the higher the veteran population. you see a state like virginia, state like new hampshire with a higher percentage of population of veterans in some of the battleground states, important constituency. >> dan, on the trail, in stump speeches, does the president regularly talk about afghanistan? >> well, it's never the focus of the president's stump speech unless he is talking to veterans or he's in a region that's heavy military. what you hear from the president is this promise, this campaign promise that he made to not only end the war in iraq but also wind down the war in afghanistan, as john was just talking about, pulling out troops by the end of 2014, handing over security to the afghan forces. but there's still a lot of concern out there about whether or not the afghan forces can handle
to a screeching halt? we'll get insight from former ambassador to iraq, jails jeffrey. >>> the teachers strike already has the windy city in disarray. it could deal a major profor the september jobs report. why the white house is bracing for impact. we have the details. even when they say it is not it is always about "money". melissa: all right. first let's look at the day's market headlines. stocks moved between positive and negative territory throughout the day's session. homebuilders confidence rose to its highest level in six years. according to the national association of homebuilders. the news gave a slight boost to stocks. the dow closed up 11 points. oil prices tumbling for a second straight day. crude settled down nearly 1 1/2% on ununexpected rise in inventories. there is no confirmed explanation for yesterday's unexpected dive that left traders baffled. fedex primarily blaming a slowdown in the slowing economy and competition from ocean-based shipping. >> 47% of the people who will vet for president obama no matter what. there are 47% who are with him, depernd end on him. who believ
or iran or iraq. it is unbankable to let 20 or 30,000 troops to stay in iraq. we had the hostages in i ran and we had the two helicopters crashed. that was talked about. if something of that nature presents itself, i woke will work to solve the problem. >> [inaudible] how do think the palestinian problem can be solved? >> i am torn by two perspectives. i have had one for some time which is that the palestinians have no interest in establishing peace and that the pathway to peace is almost unthinkable to accomplish. it is said the palestinians should set up their own country. the conflict between israel and the west bank is right there. that is about 9 miles from tel aviv to the west bank. the other side of the west bank , the iranians would want to do to the west bank what they did through lebanon. they want to bring armaments into the west bank. israel, of course, would have to say that cannot happen. we have to keep the iranians from burning in weapons. -- from bringing in weapons. that means they will control the border between syria and jordan and this new palestinian nation? how about
their service member or their guardsman or reservist goes off to iraq or afghanistan, we have found the communities wanting to be very involved as well as kathryn had mentioned. so, we consider them, too, as far as being part of the broader that, um, takes care of our families. a lot of parents are being more and more engaged. i mean, one of the things that we hear is how engaged they are-especially with our wounded, ill, and injured. so, um, our family or definition of family has really expanded. and traditionally, we thought of even the wife, the husband, the children, and now it really it goes, it's more complex than that for the immediate family of, of the military service member. correct? oh, definitely, because we have partners: those that are together, um, no, not necessary in marriage but are living together. and 'course, now, with the passage of don't ask and don't tell, we have that particular partner going on as well. and so, they are also embraced as far as being part of the, uh, the family as well. and even the veterans administration, i think, is looking very carefully
of rights -- i'm sorry, the job quote for veterans returning from afghanistan and iraq. these people seem to have no sensitivity to the people who get up every morning, work hard. the people who go out and secure us, our policemen, our firefighters, the people who go off to war to keep us safe and secure in this country. their sensitivity seemed not to be there for these kind of people. >> but, congressman, mr. romney's position on virtually everything is to do nothing. on foreclosures, leave the housing market to collapse. auto industry, let it go bankrupt. why on earth do you think he wants to become president? >> that's the thing that is sort of puzzling to me, except that maybe he's just interested in being a resume-builder. he would love to be president of the united states. he doesn't want to really give service to the country. he doesn't want to give a contribution to the country. he doesn't want to protect the people. he wants the title, to be president. and that goes down as a part of who and what his resume was all about when he passed this way, as they say, in my church. the fa
to romney today, "new york times" columnist david brooks wrote, who are these freeloaders? is it the iraq war veteran that goes to the va? is it the student getting a loan to go to college? brooks concluded that the people who receive most of the government spending are not big government lovers, but republicans, senior citizens. mostly white men with high school degrees. in other words, they are romney supporters. andrea mitchell, nbc news, washington. >>> and just tonight we got the first official reaction from the president to the words of mitt romney. here is a short bit of what president obama said in an appearance for tonight taped on david letterman. >> when i meet republicans, as i'm traveling around the country, they are hardworking family people who care deeply about this country. and my expectation is, that if you want to be president, you have to work for everybody, not just for some. >> the president unveiling an outreach to republicans tonight on david letterman. >>> and we are debuting new numbers this evening on this presidential race. our nbc news political director chuck
park in iraq? -- park and irrec bella >> they were invited. -- rec ? what they were invited. >> i went to a neighborhood meeting about hardly strictly bluegrass. the open of the meeting was that she had not get -- not got rid of all the issues in the park, but that she was trying. so. i wanted to put that out there. [applause] >> i just also wanted to say that they have a lot of buildings open to all ages. when i was a kid growing up in new york, and we used to -- there is a statement, saving my ass. [laughter] if there is a question i hope you do not look at it as a challenge. i think it is a feeling. there are quite a few events in the park. it is really about managing them and making sure that your outreach is good. i would like to work together, wherever you are.
doing the green revolution right after the election there and ahmadinejad was reelected in iraq and accusations of fraud even then the government was saying "these are not our people rising up, these are western agents whipping up, these are saboteurs." >> that's right. >> jon: there is never any sense that there's fallibility. >> no, it's always deflected into an anti-western-- one of the things i try to say in the book is that what happened to me way back in the days of fax machines was a kind of prelude, a kind of prologue, if you like, to what's happening now. because i think you can draw a straight line from then to now and see the growth of this phenomenon of sort of organized outrage. >> jon: and what stops it? in your mind is it everyone standing up at once or is it something that has to burn out within its own population? >> i think unfortunately that, probably. and i think there's times that it does. i mean, you know, the rule of the aoeu toe la is not popular in iran. the rule of the taliban was not popular in afghanistan. so this stuff does seem to take over, particu
spokesman for the coalition provisional authority in iraq, a more junior dan senor >> democracy we often said when we were there that democracy is messy. if you want clean and tidy there's dictatorship but right now these iraqis political leaders are immersed in their first sort of democratic experiment >> jon: i get you, man. it was the early to mid, man. everybody was experimenting with democracy then. what's up? you know what [bleep] i'm out of here. just go at it, you two. >> just a reminder of the chaos that a lot of the policies of this administration have sowed. chaos in the arab spring. chaos for allies in israel. there are certainly areas that are problematic. we are having some tough days. we'll have tough days ahead. what we've seen in the last three days is a product of policies that have been building over the last three years. if we are successful in building some modicum democracy, it will be an enormous success. you think the president's policy in the middle east has been a success. looks like a disaster to most americans. there has been significance violence in recent we
in san diego. my son, now a major, had just come back from iraq. i hear a shout and it was jim and connie. they were stationed there at the time. there was a great visit. they could have kept going. we never would have seen them. that is not who they are. they are the most engaged in positive couple. jim has confronted the challenges faced earlier. he is relentless in trying to reduce the suicides, an effort he started with the general when he was -- when pete was the vice -- -- they have increased the lifeline to these troubled marines. i know this is an issue and ways deeply on their hearts every day. you have to take on a tough -- a suspect -- assess the future. he had been in the pipeline a long time. this was the vehicle to get it on. he took decisive action any mapped out a more promising alternative. despite the fact the joint chiefs are really no longer officially in the acquisition process, he jumped smack dab into the middle of the version of the joint strike fighters and in short it got back on track. he knew as a marine, not an aviator, that support is one of the features of t
sent more jihaddists per capita than any country in the world in iraq to make war on american soldiers. benghazi was the capital of the jihad in libya. we know what we are dealing with. the only difference between now and back then is they have now got the arsenals that at least gadhafi had under lock and key when we were dealing with him. >> i love how they say it is spontaneous and people spontaneously pulled rocket pro held grenades out. and apparently there was a three-day warning and it was the anniversary of 9/11. don't you beef up security on 9/11 at embassies? >> we should be doing that everywhere, but particularly in a place like benghazi where they hate america. i know they tried to turn the rebels into this group of allies during the libyan war, but they want to talk about this movie instead of what happened. >> did you see it? >> no. >> if a film student in college presented it as a work that they created, they would receive an f. it was the worst thing you have ever seen. >> it's total -- it's idiocy. it's totally obscure and nondestript. but they would rather talk about t
its ideology. they are grouped in an array of countries including yemen, somalia, and iraq. in particular al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is the group most likely we think to attempt attacks against the united states. we saw this in may with the disruption of an plot to take down an airliner. other groups such as the al qaeda in iraq, as well as militants based in pakistan all pose threats to our citizens and interests in those regions of the formed. -- world. we are also focused on threats poses by iran and hezbollah. iran remains the foremost state sponsor of terrorism over the world. over the past year the threat from iranian sponsored terrorism has increased. inside the united states we remain vigilant to prevent violent extremists from carrying out attacks in the name of al qaeda. this past week the f.b.i. arrest add chicago man after he tried to blow up a crowded bar in the city. a federal judge sentence add virginia man to 0 years in prison for plotting to bomb the u.s. capitol. these plots highlight the danger that al qaeda-inspired extremists pose to our country.
that the iraq war veteran is a killer. overe political firestorm romney's off-the-cuff remark rages. >> appearing on david letterman, criticizedbama romney for his controversial comments that nearly half of are dependent on the government. >> you represent the entire country. be president, you for everybody and not just for some. >> the secretly recorded video romney telling wealthy that 47% of the country n government.o since the release of the tapes, campaign has been scrambling to control the damage. about a talking he's going toow get close to half of the boats will i.. get over 50% of. >> the obama campaign launched video with chicago residents reacting. me sick to my stomach. it shows he's out of touch. >> it comes at a terrible time hasthe gop nominee who behind president obama in most polls. don't. believe he don't. a recent poll found 58% of s said romney would wealthy over the class. believe romney empathetic. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. >> we showed you how one bakery faces ofes with the presidential candidates. now you can apparently drink and brew. >> it is fo
blame president bush more than president obama and give me a break? it's clinton talking about iraq war policy. his comments had nothing to do with obama's economic policy. the implication that it does, that's false, ad tracker concludes. if you're saying give me a break when it comes to ads on both sides, you're stuck. negative campaign ads are proven to be effective campaign techniques so you're stuck. you want to check out any of the individual ads? you can link to political ad tracker through our website gary nurenberg, 9news. >>> 4:34 now. anti-american protests continue in the middle east and in asia. in india, demonstrators stomped on an american flag and set police cars on fire as they were protesting an antiislammic film which was made in california. demonstrators pulled down a billboard and now u.s. officials are urging world leaders to speak out against these incidents. >>> for years women soldiers have been wearing body armor which didn't fit their faller frames. the army has now developed armor which is tailored specifically to fit women's physiques. the tactical
help, because they are coming back from iraq and afghanistan and they can't find work, and until we come out of the recession and the recovery is under way but veterans have a higher percent of unemployment and especially veterans under age 24 have an even higher percentage of unemployed, and so what we have here is a piece of legislation to give an unemployment cushion for veterans for at least a year until they can find employment in the private sector, and this is employment to do things that we need since so many of our national resources such as parks, such as emergency responders, such as firefighters, such as police need help. look at all the unfunded things that are deteriorating in the national parks. this would be an opportunity to employ those veterans and employ them up to a year. everybody knows that this makes common sense and it's the right thing to do, and what's happening is the folks on that side of the aisle because we are in an election and because this happened to be a proposal coming out of the white house and is brought to the floor by this senator from florid
served her country. >> fighting in iraq but a u.s. soldier could spend years in a military prison. the charges against her and why supporters spoke out for her today in san francisco. have you heard of the new dialing procedure for the 408 and 669 area codes? no, what is it? starting october 20, 2012, if you have a 408 or 669 number, you'll need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. o.k., but what if i have an 408 number and i'm calling a 408 number? you'll still need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out! >>> there's a new development tonight in the controversy over the search for a new school superintendent in berkeley. the san francisco chronicle is reporting that the sole finalist for the job has now withdrawn his name for consideration. edmond heatly was chosen but withdrew his application. >>> justices will hear from lawyers who will say it is right for the government to speak of marriage only in heterosexual terms and from lawyers who says doing so discriminates from same-sex unions. oral arguments are
bronze stars as well as the purple heart. in may of 2004 he was killed in iraq. palo alto representative anna introduced a bill yesterday to rename a mountain view post office after lieutenant ballard. >>> big changes ahead for the golden gate bridge as it says good-bye to toll collectors next year. on friday they will formal lies the transition to convert to an all electronics system next february. the art deco booths are in place, but no toll takers inside. it's intended to save money and speed up traffic. drivers can pay the toll with fast track or a camera will read the license plate and charge the toll to an account drivers set up in advance. >> the message is that all electronic tolling is coming and fast track is probably your best bet if you don't have it yet, because why not? it's a no-brainer. you can save a dollar, and we are going to go to cashless tolling, electronic tolling, so you might as well, you know, figure it out now. >> if you don't have fast track or a prepaid account, the bridge district will send you a bill for your tolls. no payment, though, within 21 days means
the united states. libya sent more jihadists per capita to iraq to fight against american soldiers in a terrorist war than any other country in the world. and benghazi was the capital of jihadism in libya. they had every reason to know that that is, that not only has been one of the most dangerous regions in the world for the united states, it is a more dangerous region now because they have the arsenals that muammar qaddafi used to have under lock and key. lou: we also are looking at a situation in which the administration now seems to be walking back its claims of spontaneous combustion. the idea that this silly, amateurish, anti-muslim movie, if you want to call it that, it is more a mockery of movie-making itself. >> right. lou: the idea that this is being pedaled almost unchallenged by the mainstream media. now the facts are beginning to come out. many of these facts were there, were there from last wednesday forward until now. >> righters the fact that we're not getting a straight answer from this administration and the idea that they can't give straight answers after the u.n
blow because of the negative results of their iraq war. and many young people had died, a generation had been decimated and the revolution was rocky and khomeini was looking for something to rally the troops. >> and you lived nine years this way. was is there a day where you said okay, it's over or was it a gradual period of me
. by the way. >> thanks, chenk. >> when they did eavesdrop on our soldiers in iraq, what is the first thing they listened to? phone sex. of course! that's what they always do when they do warrantless wiretapping you let power get out of control. eliot, what do you have for us? >> chenk, i just got to tell you that story you were just talking about, hugely important. we have whistle blowers from the n.s.o. on a couple of months ago. what goes on there is without boundaries. it's unbelievable how much they're getting away with. the 47% that mitt romney has made famous, we're going to be talking about that. it's going to be an amazing thing to see how this filters out. is this the beginning of the end for mitt romney or is this going to get his base excited because this is what they belieieieieieieieieieieieieieieieieieieieieieieieieieieieie i look at her, and i just want to give her everything. yeah you -- you know, everything can cost upwards of...[ whistles ] i did not want to think about that. relax, relax, relax. look at me, look at me. three words, dad -- e-trade financial consult
from america were killed last week. he was 42 years old and served two combat tours in the iraq war. he retired from the s.e.a.l.s seven years ago. >>> and also churning out of the gun operation program known as fast and furious and the one that has been dogging the obama administration since last year. there is a long awaited report due out by the justice department, the inspector general in fact, and it may be released some time today. you will recall that the botched investigation was supposed to monitor the head honchos invo e involved in illegal gun running to mexico, but it is also being blamed for contributing to crimes, and not stopping them, and also been linked to the killing of a u.s. border agent. the republican-controlled house voted to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress for failing to turn over documents that were related to the case. holder did turn over thousands, but there were many that were not turned over as well. joe johns is monitoring the developments in washington. so the inspector jep ral's report is an autonomous report, autonomous group
much damage. we hear iraq and iran will pump more. the saudis come out and say, there is icing on the cake. we will give you more oil. at the end of the day, this wreaks of political friendship. >>neil: i was at the convention and they bragged how less we are dependent on the saudi oil. i guess we are now. >>guest: we are not. opec and the saudis make their money from oil. that is their commodity. we kid ourselves if we think they are our friends and want to give us the oil for free or whatever we need. they want to see obama in office. they do not know what romney will bring in. >>neil: they know romney's plan to make us energy dependent could be just a lofty goal but they know what he wants to do. i am sure they would not be a fan of him becoming budget? >>guest: it is a wild car. if romney is in and we get a solid energy policy in the country and exploit our natural gas supplies here and knuckle down and over the next 10 years focus on natural gas, get off the addiction from the foreign oil, these guys are terrified of that. they do not want change. now is no change. now the
on foreign policy. we've got a strong record. whether it's killing osama bin laden, ending the war in iraq, hold i holding china accountable on trade the ensure we're protecting american workers. we've got a very strong record. >> i'm curious specifically when it comes to the middle east. as you and i know, there's been a lot of coverage on romney's response to attacks on the embassy in cairo. and that's been a big part of the conversation. but yet, there's a report today that the united states was warned of an attack on the egyptian embassy, that it was imminent, two days before it happened. arwa damon has said repeatedly the u.s. was warned three days before the libyan attack that there would be an attack. if that's true, didn't the administration drop the ball? >> well, i can't talk about intelligence reports. i'm not in the white house. i'm out here on the campaign. i'll leave that to my colleagues in the white house, but i do know they said there was no information provided on that in advance of the attack, but they are conducting an investigation to get to the bottom of why those att
the changes were considered too difficult. today, that iraq and those false choices come to in and. >> since the 800 delegates of the chicago teachers union's voted overwhelmingly to suspend the strike, the agreement will go for the entire membership. the deal calls for double-digit salary increase over the next three years, including raises for cost of living, while maintaining other increases for experience and advanced education. this is a teacher and union delegate who voted to end the walkout. >> i feel like we got something we can go back to the classroom with dignity with. we did not win as much on fair compensation, but we have position's going back, p.e. positions, a promise of hiring 100 more support staff. with an anti-bullying clause. even our mayor is joining in. i think we're going to go back being able to be advocates for better classroom conditions. we have eight parents member on each class size panel, even though we fought on class size was some of the non permissible material. there is no merit pay in the system. we were able to fight back on the performance evaluation ref
home from iraq and afghanistan, the bbb suggests families keep one major piece of money advice in mind. >> you may want to go out on a cruise, you may want to buy a brand new car, do something that's really big and great because everybody is feeling good but it's better to wait when emotions kind of come down a little bit and you can lead with your head and not your heart. >> reporter: right now the app is available for iphone and ipad. an android version is in the works. >> debt reduction advice may be particularly helpful. a 2010 study found 27% of military respond dents had $10,000 or more in credit card debt. compare that to just 16% of civilians. >>> and speaking of helping service members, in the next half-hour, he plays heroic characters on the silver screen. actor and philanthropist lou diamond philips will be here to talk about his work with the real life heroes of the wounded warriors project. i'll send it over to mike. >> thank you, jessica. >>> do you realize about half of all americans will not just be overweight but they will be obese by the year 2030. that's the finding
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 68 (some duplicates have been removed)